The Birthing Well is a doula and childbirth education service with over 7 years combined experience. I provide labor and birth support and childbirth education classes to mothers and their partners in the Raleigh-Durham-Chapel Hill Triangle area of North Carolina. The Birthing Well has experience with natural childbirth, VBAC (vaginal birth after cesarean), birth center birth and home birth, and has worked with clients giving birth at all the area hospitals and birth centers.

Representing a well of compassion, knowledge and support, the goal of The Birthing Well is to provide you — both mom and partner — the support you need to have a positive birth experience — however you define it. Sometimes that support is in the form of touch, massage, and encouragement to change positions while in labor. Sometimes that support is in the form of resources and information. And sometimes that support is simply a hand extended during an emotional time. Whatever you want or need, The Birthing Well will work hard to provide.

“Thank you so much for being our doula. You’ve found one of your many gifts and you do it beautifully. Thanks for being responsive, accessible, and a constant source of support for us. It made such a difference!” — B.

“It was incredibly helpful having [a] doula…they enabled us to have a healthy pregnancy and a wonderful childbirth! Physicians do not have the time and are not trained to offer the kind of support and information I gained from my doulas.” — T.W.

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