In your search for a doula, you probably have come across several doulas who practice on their own. In fact, many doulas in the area work as sole-practitioners. “I already work with a group of doctors or midwives,” you might say. “Why would I want to work with a group of doulas, too?” It certainly is a legitimate question.

First, understand that each of us practiced individually for some time before deciding to work together. But we knew each other well enough — in fact, we were mentored by each other — to know that we shared similar philosophies and attitudes in our doula practice. The fit was a natural one.

Coming together has allowed us to combine our experience for your benefit. When tricky situations arise — and they do — you’ll have the benefit of three individuals’ combined experience and opinion, not just one person’s. In cases where a labor goes on for more than a day, you can be assured you’ll have fresh support when you most need it. And you won’t need to wonder, “just who is that back-up doula, anyway?” — you’ll have had multiple opportunities to meet us all, talk to us, let us get to know you, and let you get to know us.

The fact of the matter is, doula work is hard, exhausting, and difficult. Burn-out is rampant in our profession, with many doulas “retiring” after just a few years. Practicing as a group relieves us of some of that difficulty, and allows us to continue to do the work we love with enthusiasm and devotion. And it’s that enthusiasm, devotion — and love — that is passed directly on to you.

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