kristyMy name is Kristy Hansen. I am the mother of two children, Zoe and Evan, and the spouse to Tim. I stay at home with my two children and work part-time as a consultant in the Information Technology sector. I have lived in Raleigh since 1994, and prior to that I lived in the state of Virginia. I am a graduate of the University of Virginia and hold degrees in both Economics and Mathematics/Computer Science.

So, how does a computer and math geek get to be a doula (and a childbirth educator)?

It’s a long story, but the short end of it reads something like this: after a disempowering birth that left me feeling disrespected, ignored and dismissed, I knew there had to be another way. My second birth — a vaginal birth after cesarean (VBAC) — took place in an incredibly supportive environment that included a midwife and a doula. The difference that supportive environment made in my second birth inspired me to be that source of support for others.

After several years working as a doula, I was asked, “Why do you do it?” After a brief pause, I answered, simply, “Because I believe in it.” I believe in the power of women helping laboring women. I believe in the power of constant, non-judgmental support. I believe in the power of a soft touch, of a kind word, of a strong hug. I believe in the power of information and knowledge, of reassurance and empathy. And, most importantly, I believe in the power of a woman giving birth. Being present at the birth of your child is an honor. Simply, it is an unparalleled honor. I sincerely hope that, as a doula and childbirth eductor, I demonstrate — through my actions, words, and support — my great respect for that honor.

In my “spare” time, I enjoy reading, writing, knitting and cooking.