Whether you’re actively searching for “something different” in your childbirth education, or you simply didn’t sign up in time to make the hospital classes, you will not be disappointed in our childbirth classes. With almost 10 years combined experience and unique training emphasizing active, exciting and interactive educational methods, Bonny and Kristy will guide you through your efforts to learn just what a positive birth experience means to you.

What you will learn:
  • What it is that your body — and your baby — does during labor and birth
  • What it is that you can do to best facilitate the process of labor and birth
  • Skills, tools and tricks — from a wide variety of methodologies — to cope with labor pain without medications
  • All about pain medications and how to confidently make the choice to use them (or not!)
  • How partners can best support a laboring mother
  • Evidence-based use of medical tools and procedures — and how to avoid their unnecessary use
  • How to talk to your health care providers to get the answers you need to make decisions that are right for you and your family
  • Experience-based information on policies and procedures at all area hospitals and birthing centers
About our classes:
Our classes take place in a comfortable, open loft space in downtown Raleigh with plenty of weekend parking available. We take pride in providing the most up-do-date information using interactive, fun and — above all — illuminating activities. Instead of relying on a single methodology (such as Bradley or HypnoBabies) we bring together the best practices from many resources with an emphasis on helping you identify what works best for you.
About Bonny and Kristy:
Having trained and taught together for nearly five years, Bonny and Kristy share a passion for empowering parents through insightful — and fun — childbirth education. Certified through Lamaze International, and sharing that organization’s philosophy on childbirth education, Kristy and Bonny understand — and respect — that every parent has unique needs and desires about their birth experience. Using our thousands of hours of experience working with laboring women, we can bring real-life examples from a wide variety of situations to broaden your education. We will work hard to help you grow the confidence you need and desire to give birth to your baby and your new family.