Our classes are structured as “weekend mini-retreats,” taking place from 10am to 4pm on two consecutive Saturdays. This allows you to digest the first day’s information over the week, asking questions via email, and coming back the next week refreshed and ready to continue to learn. (Every once in a while we will teach both classes in a single weekend.) They take place in a comfortable, roomy (and historic!) loft in downtown Raleigh.We use interactive activities, one-on-one tasks, games, and up-to-date visual aids, many of which we have developed on our own. You’ll have access to the client area of our website, which contains excellent supplemental information to reinforce what you learn in class. All of this instructional material is presented in a light-hearted and open manner by an enthusiastic instructor, who will remain available to you for questions until you give birth.
We’re thrilled to offer our classes at The Raleigh Forum, a unique setting that is sure to enhance your learning experience. With plenty of room to move about, comfortable chairs (almost) guaranteed to appeal to even pregnant moms, and a host of tasty restaurants within walking distance, we think it’s the perfect spot and hope you will, too.
We’re Lamaze certified, but don’t think your mama’s Lamaze! If you think you’re going to “hee-hee-hee-hoo” through our class, you’re in for a surprise. Unlike some classes, which draw on a single methodology or philosophy, we start with a firm belief that birth is normal, and then draw from many sources to bring you “the best of the best” methods and techniques. We’ll teach you a multitude of pain coping techniques so that you can choose what works best for you. We’ll teach you all your alternatives and options, focusing on the most up-to-date research available, so that you can confidently make decisions that are yours. And, we’ll make sure you have some fun all along the way!
Experience — what sets us apart from the others
We have, together, thousands of hours of experience supporting laboring mothers and their partners at all the area hospitals and birth centers. We bring this experience into the classroom in the form of stories and anecdotes that really serve to illustrate our instruction. There’s no such thing as a “textbook” labor — they’re all different. And there’s no such thing as a “routine” experience on the Labor & Delivery unit — they’re all different, too. Our hands on experience that we share with you will allow you to really understand those facts — and prepare accordingly for what you desire or need!
The cost for our weekend retreat childbirth classes is $125 per couple.